BD24 Live – বিডি২৪লাইভ | Online Bangla News Portal Bangla Online news portal is a top-rated and fast-growing news portal in the country, and they always try to show everything in live. The editor of this paper is Amirul Islam and the corporate office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A group of youngsters and an expert panel of journalists show the real news for its respected audience. They work together as a family, never distort any news or video, and never compromise with any political party or someone else to show the live information. The popularity of the news portal is increasing day by day and as a result, subscribers are also growing very smoothly.

The online news portal presents the audience the live program of various news like Games and sports, entertainment, Literature, regional information, media gossip, etc and they never compromise to show the live program and never distort any news by biased by any particular man in the society or by any political party.There are various importance in the live program and people can find another special feeling in the news presentation.  The people who want to see a live program go to the field to see sports and any other news, and in the channel, you can quickly and very comfortably know the schedule. at a glance

Type Online newspaper
 Founded 2010
  Format Mobile and web
  Editor Amirul Islam
District Desk 01552592502
Email: office [email protected][email protected]
News Editor 09678677190
News Desk 09678677191
Phone 02-58157744
Political Alignment Liberal
Language English and Bengali
Head Quarters  House#35/10, Road#11, Sekhertek, Mohammadpur, Dhaka -1207

There are other advantages of this channel for the kids and the students. They present almost all kinds of news in the live news portal, and as a result, the kids and the students know a lot by seeing directly and gathering knowledge. The bookish knowledge is confined to the syllabus, and you can not learn more by reading a book too much, but by reading a newspaper, you can learn a lot and see live news as it is much better than regular news reading. The news portal knowledge is unlimited, and you can learn and complete your research study if you are a student by reading and seeing live news in the news portal.

The government in Bangladesh sometimes tries to give any message to the general public in the newspaper. There is somewhat confusion regarding true or false. Still, in the live program, the ordinary people, especially the poor people, can realize the essential things that authority wants to do for the masses. It is better to see live news than reading news in digital life because live announcements are better and more ethical than printed newspapers. You can use your Android Mobile or laptop to see the live report of from anywhere and anytime in the world.

Politicians of Bangladesh are very crazy about seeing live programs than reading papers because they can see the condition of the program, and masses of people of Bangladesh are not literate. They cannot read newspapers and realize everything in the live news program.

 So, whenever politicians want to message the country’s mass people, they try to show their database in the online news portal. The online live news presenting’s popularity is increasing heavily in Bangladesh because many people are illiterate, and digital systems are available in almost all the villages. As a result, they can see the program very easily and comfortably. is committed to present their news without distorting and being biased by any political party or any man in society.

So, wherever you are in the world, you can choose the as your best online news portal to find all breaking news, headline news of Bangladesh, and the whole universe on your Smartphone.

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