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Dainik Janata a daily Bangla Newspaper

Dainik Janata is one of the oldest and popular newspapers in Bangladesh. It was founded on 15 June 1983. The publisher of this newspaper is Syed Anwar and the editor is Ahsanullah. The popular newspaper covers up all the news of our society. There are different features of this newspaper and these features are about National issues, International Issues, Entertainment, Education, Science and Technology, Movies, Regional news, Health, Humorous story etc. It plays a vital role in the democracy of Bangladesh. The reporter always tries to show the different problems in society and how to solve them. It is working as a bridge between the people of Bangladesh and the Government of Bangladesh. The paper has two editions and these are printed newspapers and online editions. They are committed to publishing authentic news for their readers and never biased to any dominant person in the society whether they may be a muscleman in the community.

Dainik Janata is a compelling media in the context of Bangladesh. It has an essential role in advancing a pro-poor developing agenda and supporting economic growth by inspiring consumer growth. It is working as a watchdog, gatekeeper, and agenda-setter. The paper is very important in the improvement of a country. This paper is also committed to improving governance by raising citizen awareness regarding social issues, curbing corruption, and creating a civic forum for debate against the government if there is any problematic national issue. Thus, this paper is helping the country in development. Bangladesh is a developing country and this kind of role is very much needed for the media to go ahead with the other developing countries in the world.

Dainik Janata at a glance

Type Daily Newspaper
Format   Broadsheet and online
Publisher  Syeed Anwar
Editor in Chief     Ahsanullah
Founded 15 June, 1983
Political Alignment Independent
Language     Bengali 
Head Quarters Head Quarters: Khalil Mansion, 149/A DIT extension Avenue, Dhaka-1000
Email (Official) [email protected]
Email (News)   [email protected]
Websites   www.djanata.com

The paper gives us different information about politics, economy, entertainment, business, industry, trade and commerce. We can get some benefits by reading newspapers such as acquiring knowledge, changing reading habits, growing awareness, etc. When we read the newspaper, we are well informed regarding any issue or incident and this paper tries to bring out the actual news from the field. They have recruited reporters in different parts of the country and they gather information and give these reports to the chief reporter. Then the chief editor verified all the news and send it for final printing or online edition.

You can get all news from the online edition of this paper. The online edition gives the breaking news, headline news of Bangladesh and of the world. You don’t need to look into different newspapers or online editions to waste your time. You click on the online edition of Dainik Janata (paper) and will get the same taste as the printed newspaper. You can read all the latest news from the online edition anywhere or any time in the world. It will give you a clear idea about what is happening in the world and Bangladesh.

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