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Dainikshiksha is a different type of online newspaper that mainly focuses on the education-related news in this paper. It is very helpful for the students, guardians, teachers of schools, colleges, madrasa, and universities. The editor’s name of the paper is Siddiqur Rahman Khan and it is published in Dhaka.   Besides educational information, it brings out all kinds of info about our society. It covers national issues, regional news, international news, entertainment, movie, health & fitness, campus, Science & Technology etc. The paper’s management is very serious in publishing data and trying to expose all news by verifying. The paper contributes heavily to one covid situation of the country because almost all teachers and students are in the house and can easily get educational news very easily and comfortably from your house. Almost all students and teachers of Bangladesh are using this paper to know all news as regards education.

The paper mainly focuses on the Education ministry, NTRC, National University, Primary education, Intermediate and Secondary Education Board, Bangladesh Technical education board, Madrasa Education Board. Their information is about the examination, Admission, MPO, Employment opportunity in Schools, college and Universities, Teacher registration, etc. They also expose videos on their page to tell the news in the video.

Newspaper is a very important element in our daily life like other commodities in the house. Lots of incidents are happening all around us and we become very much conscious to know the actual matter. A reliable paper can help us providing information and we may be free of tension to know the actual news. Government circulates various rules & regulations and we can find by reading a newspaper. These may be about an employment opportunity, political, economic, and as it is an online edition, we can find data very quickly and instantly.

The dainikshiksha at a glance

Type  Online newspaper
Format Mobile and web
Publisher   Mobile and web
Editor in Chief     Siddikur Rahman
Founded    2010
Political Alignment Liberal
Language     Bengali and English
Head Quarter   House # 13 (ist Floor), New Eskaton Gausnagar, Dhaka-     1000
Email   [email protected] , [email protected]
Phone   +8802-9344440
Phone(Advertisement)               01757-513287
Website www.dainikshiksha.com

Modern life is the life of digitalization everywhere and we can find a range of data from storming the internet. A student can find almost all their material of research work or reading material from the internet. In this connection, a newspaper like dainikshiksha can help us providing all kinds of educational material. This paper helps the students and teachers very much. This paper also arranges quizzes, stories, short essays, and painting competitions to learn besides their academic knowledge. The students who are very crazy in reading and using paper for numerous purposes can be more intelligent and go ahead than any other student. The students who read the paper can develop their learning skills, vocabulary skills, fluency skills and in their professional life can go up and also become very responsible people. There is a section to participate and you can also give comments regarding any content. If you send your opinion in this paper, they will arrange to publish it if it is ethical and their content is correlated.

The paper has an advertisement section which presents the goods or services for the businessmen. The businessmen use the paper to promote a product or service by presenting ads in the paper. There is a rate chart of ads for the ad users and the primary source of the paper’s income is from the advertisement section. They have their own graphics designer to beautify the ad and present it to the customer. On the other hand, the customers also know the advantages and disadvantages of a product or service reading the commercial.The importance of this paper is very much at the Covid time for students and teachers because almost everything is open except school and college and students and teacher are in conscious of getting info of education-related and this dainikshiksha helps them make known all kinds of learning-related information in the paper.

So, wherever you stay in the country is not a problem because you can get all breaking news, headline news, especially schooling-associated news from this paper. You can use this paper as an educational instrument from anywhere in the country and even from all over the world.

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Dainik Shiksha | দৈনিক শিক্ষা

Dainik Shiksha Bangla Online Newspaper

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