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 The daily Desh Rupantor Bangla Newspaper

The Daily Desh Rupantor is a Bangla newspaper publishes in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Name editor of this paper is Amit Habit and the publisher is Mahir Ali khan Ratul. It covers the news of national, Politics, Justice, Court, International, regional, Business, Culture, Literature, Sports, Entertainment, Tour, Technology, Real Estate, Lifestyle, Education, Interview, Religion, Food, Economy, etc.

The newspaper is very much important in our lives. There are different incidents happening around us and to inform the public the newspaper is very much necessary. It may be a printed or online newspaper, but we have to know all the national and international news. Local news is also essential in our lives because people are to ensure that it may impact their lives. It has a positive impact on our lives. With the current news, the people become aware of current affairs. It helps the people to know details about what is happening and the government can think to take decisions regarding different issues.

The Daily Desh Rupantor at a glance 

Type    Daily Newspaper
Format   Broadsheet
Publisher   Mahir Ali Khan
Editor in Chief  Amit Habib
Founded    2018
Political Alignment Liberal
Language     Bengali 
Head Quarters   Rupayan Trade centre 114 Kazi Nazrul islam, avenue, Dhaka    
 Phone      09610-112244
Email [email protected]

 It works as a bridge between the general people and the government in a democratic country. The Desh Rupantor newspaper also plays an important role in Bangladesh to inform different issues in Bangladesh.

 The newspaper is also very much needed for businessmen because they have to make different decisions regarding business issues and get all the information from the newspaper. The Desh Rupantor newspaper brings our business news and national news. The Desh Rupantor newspaper has two versions of the news, one is a printed version and another is the online version. The online version gives all breaking news, headlines news nationally and internationally. 

Therefore, wherever you are is not matter because you may be connected with the online version of this newspaper e DeshRupantor to get all news from anywhere in the world.

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