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Dhaka Tribune Bangladeshi English Newspaper

The Dhaka Tribune is an influential national English daily published in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The renowned paper was founded in 2013. The founding editor of this paper is Zafar Sobhan and the publisher is Kazi Anis Ahmed. It regularly publishes print and online versions for its readers in Bangladesh and internationally. The paper is owned by 2A Media Ltd, a sister concern of Gemcon Group, and the group also has another two media Bangla Tribune and Literary journal Bengal Lights.  It is one of the most popular newspapers in Bangladesh. From the very beginning, it publishes credible information for the sake of the general people of Bangladesh.  The paper is always inactive working for equal gender rights in Bangladesh.

The paper circulates various types of news like National, Business, Games and Sports, Opinion, Entertainment, Regional and International. It brings out Bangladesh’s issues, Politics, Crime, Environment, Education, Laws & Rights, World news. Its business news is like Banks, Commerce, Economy, Regulations, Stock Market, Advertisements, Money, Real Estate, etc., It covers the sports news of Cricket, Football, Tennis, Athletics etc. It carries information regarding our daily life such as Fashion & style, health & Wellness, Travel, Career Education, People& Relationships, Décor & Lifestyle, and more like videos, Photo galleries, magazines, Special supplements, Archives, Editorial, Heritage etc.

The Dhaka Tribune at a glance

Type Daily Newspaper
Format    Broadsheet and Online
Publisher    Kazi Anis Ahmed
Editor in Chief     Zafar Sobhan
Founded      2013
Political Alignment: Liberal
Language     English
Head Quarters  FR Tower, 8/C Sukhrabad, Panthopath, Dhaka-1207   
Owner(s)   2A Media Ltd
Websites   www.dhakatribune.com

The newspaper impacts seriously in our daily life from much more entertainment to our career life. It is the storehouse of all knowledge and we cannot think even a single day without it. Different incidents are happening all around us. We are very much conscious about knowing the detailed information of these incidents. The paper provides us all the evidence and thus, it works as a reflection of a society, the nation, even internationally. We can understand all about by analysis of the paper. It helps us to gather more knowledge regarding numerous issues such as industry, Economy, Business, share market, cinemas and more about our daily, national and international life. With more information and knowledge, we go forward and become more innovative in business, politics, and many aspects of the world.

The Dhaka Tribune contributes to spread knowledge in our student life also. Those who are habituated in reading newspapers every day developed their reading skill, vocabulary skills, fluency skills seriously. Thus, it contributes to the progress the students along with their student life. It offers innumerable jobs of many companies to go ahead career and subsidize the job seekers to find their suitable employment for the jobless persons. Without promoting brand, no business can advance and the paper helps the businessmen to grow their business by printing advertisements of products or services on the paper. The clients of products or services see the ad on the paper and may ask questions regarding pricing and quality issues as their contacts are given in the commercials. So, it’s a stage for the sellers and buyers to be established businesses and fulfill the requirements of the consumers.

This world is a world of fast communication. We can get total data of the whole world within seconds like world politics, economic conditions, accidental matter, world games and sports, economic growth, and persons related to sports and politics. This digitalized world prefers everything digital and The Dhaka Tribune also circulates online version newspapers for its bookworms because the present generation always tries to find everything on the internet. But the demand for newspapers is not demolished yet because of old age and some people prefer it very much. So, whatever printed or online version of the newspaper is a must in our everyday life. Dhaka Tribune is one of the critical papers that plays a crucial role in the context of Bangladesh regarding almost all issues like the economy, Politics, Entertainment, Movies, Travel, Lifestyle, Weekend magazine. The mass Bangladeshi people who are abroad in numerous countries of the globe visit the newspaper in the online version to find social, regional, national, and international news within a short time. We find many newspapers in Bangladesh and these are in dailies, weeklies, biweeklies, quarterly, monthly in Bangla, and English. But a newspaper in English has a confident expectation to the elite and educated people in the country.

Bangladesh is an overpopulated country and lots of newspapers are there in the country. The Dhaka Tribune took a unique position in the country to improve the country’s confidence and personality of civilized people. The paper also pays attention to sustain the democracy in the country. It upholds the small or big issues to the country’s mass people and shows the way to solve to the government and works as a watchdog to sustain the democracy in the county. It makes the mass people aware of the country’s rules and regulations and educates them on how to adopt these regulations. It also contains articles on the culture of Bangladesh, social issues, humanity, traditions, arts of living etc. and we are informed of that matter by reading newspaper every day. 

Therefore, wherever we are in the globe is not matter to read the newspaper and we would choose this newspaper as our first priority to see along with our morning tea. Millions of visitors and page viewers are in many countries worldwide, especially those who are residing in different parts of the world. Its online version delivers all breaking news, headlines news of the country and world news.  So, choose Dhaka tribune as a printed or online version (e-paper) as your info partner.

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