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The daily Jaijaidin Bangla Newspaper

The Daily Jaijaidin is a very popular newspaper published in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was a weekly newspaper in the late 80s and later on in 2006, it started as a daily newspaper. Renowned Shafiq Rehman is the founder-editor of this newspaper. This newspaper gained very much popularity in 80 at the time of President Ershad because this paper wrote very courageously against the military regime of Lieutenant General Hossain Mohammad Ershad. At that time it was banned by the Ershad Government and Shafiq Rehman was arrested and was released after democracy was restored in 1991. Kazi Rukanuddin Ahmed is now the acting editor and Sahid Hussain Chowdhury is the publisher of this newspaper.

The Jaijaidin is the newspaper that introduces in Bangladesh “Valentine’s day” (Biswa valobasa dibos or world love day). The especial achievement of the daily Jaijaidin is introducing of Readers poll for the first time in Bangladesh. There are different features in this newspaper that mainly talk about entertainment, News, gossip, Business, Economy, ICT, Science, Fashion, Travel, Agriculture, Career, Health, and environmental issues. The paper mainly focused on Bangladesh.

The Daily Jaijaidin at a glance

Type  Daily Newspaper
Owner(s) Jaijaidin Publications Ltd
Format  Broadsheet
Publisher Sayeed Hossain Chowdhury
Editor in Chief Kazi Rukanuddin Ahmed
Founded   1984
Political Alignment Independent
Language   Bengali
Head Quarters  Tejgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Websites jjdin.com

Jaijaidin is the newspaper that introduced special issues with the articles from mass readers. As a result of that time, thousands of freelance writers were created in Bangladesh.

The Daily Jaijaidin covers all types of news in our daily and social life. It is very important for a number of reasons in a society that mainly inform the general public about the different events in the society. It is also very important for social gatherings also either it is online or physical. Like other newspapers the Daily Jaijaidin has two forms of newspaper one is printed and another is an online news portal of jaijaidin. You can get the same taste as of printed newspaper of jaijaidin. The newspapers keep you very much updated and help to open your mind. You can also participate and write on the daily Jaijaidin and can suggest for the welfare in the society.

The newspaper also plays an important role in the political arena and covered news of different issues of the country. The jaijaidin newspaper also informs us about the programs, policies, planning, and working of the government. It shows us the difficulties in society and also shows us the way how to get rid of this problem. The newspaper has great power to break or form a government in any country. It criticizes, condemns, encourages, warns, appreciates the different issues in the country and The daily Jaijaidin also plays a significant role in the political issues in Bangladesh.

So wherever you are in the world is not the matter, you just connect with the online news portal of the daily jaijaidin and know the detailed, updated, headline news of Bangladesh.

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