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The Daily Khola Kagoj Bangla Newspaper

The Daily Khola Kagoj is a vital and popular newspaper in Bangladesh. The name of the publisher and editor of this paper is Ahsan Habib and executive editor Khan Mohammad Shahnewaz. The popular newspaper presents their features very nicely and readers are pleased reading the unbiased and all kinds of news from the paper. The paper’s slogan is “Khule dey apnar chukh” revealing the actual information for society. The paper expresses the essential info for the sake of the people of Bangladesh. The paper covers up the news regarding all sorts of things in the society and main features are Gram Bangla (Village of Bangladesh), Rajniti (Politics), Ortho o Banijjo (Trade and Commerce), Shastho Kushal (Health-related), Khela dhula (Games and sports), Jatio (National issue), Shikkha (Education), Rajdhani (Capital city Dhaka), Sakkhatkar (Interview), Dhormo Kotha (Religious talking), Lifestyle, Antorjatik (International), Krishi (Agriculture), Binodon (Entertainment etc.

We are in the world of modern science and technology that has made us very comfortable. The newspaper gives us all the news of the world and as a result, it is the mirror of the world and a storehouse of all knowledge. We can quickly get information of our country and all over the world. Like other commodities in a family, the newspaper is also an essential commodity in our family. We cannot think even a single day without reading a newspaper, so it is essential in our daily lives. There are different professional people in the society and they are benefited in another way such as businessmen read the newspaper to know the market condition, sportsmen read the newspaper to find pleasure in reading the newspaper, Film fans read film page to get entertainment seeing different movies’ actor’ actress’ news, Political persons read the newspaper to know the political scenario of the world. The Daily Khola Kagoj brings out news for all professionals in society. 

The Daily Khola Kagoj at a glance :

Type  Daily Newspaper
Format    Broadsheet and online
Publisher & Editor Khan Mohammad Shahnewaz
Founded      2011
Political Alignment    Liberal
Language   Bengali 
Headquarters     Flat #17/B, H # 21, Rd # 17, Banani, Dhaka
Phone (news)   88029822032
Phone (Advertisement)  88029822021 , 01787-697823

This newspaper also works as a bridge between the people of a country and the country’s government and sustains democracy in a country. The paper brings out the grievance of the people of Bangladesh. As a result, the government knows the people’s talk and takes the appropriate initiative to solve the problem. In this context, the Daily Khola Kagoj plays a very vital role in the context of Bangladesh.

Like other newspapers in the country, the Daily Khola Kagoj also has two editions: printed editions and online editions. The online edition gives the readers all breaking news, updated news of Bangladesh and the world. You can get all information from the online editions in the USA, UK, Arab countries, Middle East, Australia, or any place in the world or any time.

 You click the Daily Khola Kagoj (paper) online edition to get all Bangladeshi news and world news.


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