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The daily Naya Shatabdi Bangla newspaper

The daily Naya Shatabdi is a very popular newspaper of Bangladesh and the name of the editor is Nayeem Salehin and Publisher is Waliur Rahman. The newspaper is published in the capital city of Dhaka. The slogan of this paper is” Sotter Sharothi” which means another new friend to search for the truth. With the slogan, we can understand that the management of this paper is very much concerned about searching for the truth, and they are never biased to anyone in society.

The readers of this paper can depend on its news. The report published different features for its readers. These are about Bangladesh, Countrywide, Worldwide, Business and trade, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Education and Health, etc. feature to talk about the national issues, politics and law and order situation in the country. Another features are Deshjure means countrywide covers about the regional news of Bangladesh, International news covers of all international information like America, Europe, UK, Arab countries, etc, Business and trade (The Ortho Banijjo) covers the economy and share Bazar of the country, Entertainment covers the news of Hollywood, Dhalyood, Bollywood etc. In this way, the paper covers up the information of all classes of people in the society and as a result publication of the paper is increasing day by day.

The Daily Naya Shatabdi at a glance

Type   Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet and online
Publisher Waliur Rahman
Editor in Chief Nayeem Salehin
Founded 2015
Political Alignment Independent
Language Bengali
Headquarters 35, Lake drive, Nikunja-1, Dhaka
Emai [email protected] (official)
[email protected] (news)

The Naya Shatabdi publishes the news and views of home and abroad to us daily in the morning. There are different kinds of newspapers in the country like dailies, weeklies, monthlies, etc. These papers enjoy the freedom to express the opinion of general people in the country. The paper is an excellent source of information and we are pleased when we get information around us. As it gives the news of the whole world, it represents an entire global society. Some newspapers are heavily politically biased and as a result, the general people and overall the country fall into problem. But the Naya Shatabdi newspaper is never personal to anyone and always publishes trustworthy news to the readers.

We are in the fast communication world and we have to maintain different activities daily. As a result, we find very little time to read printed newspapers daily, and we depend on the online version of newspapers. The Naya Shatabdi also publishes printed versions as well as an online version for its readers. You can read all newspapers on your computer or laptop or with the android version. The online version of Naya Shatabdi newspaper update all breaking news and headline news of the globe

Therefore, no need to look at too many papers and waste time; you click on the Daily Naya Shatabdi (e-paper) and get all the breaking news about Bangladesh and the whole world.

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