News Bangla 24 – নিউজ বাংলা ২৪ | Online Bangla News Portal Bangla Newspaper is the fast-growing online newspaper in Bangladesh. The editor of this paper is Shodesh Roy and it was founded in 2011. The paper is very vital in the context of Bangladesh. There are various features in the paper. The main things in the paper are Education, Entertainment, Political News, Media gossip, Health and fitness, Trend, social media, national issue, international issues, etc. The management is very conscious about the publication of the paper. They never compromise regarding any unethical issue and they first try to verify the news before the paper’s final edition. There are numerous papers in the country and among them, some are dailies, weeklies, fortnightlies, monthly and all are not suitable to find credible information. maintain journalism ethic before the publication of content in the paper.

Bangladesh is a developing country and information in many fields is very much needed because the information is money and on the other hand, more data is more development. It is very much needed for all kinds of people in society and anyone can see the newspaper because most people use Android phones and can see the data any time and any place in the world.

The at a glance

Type    Online newspaper
Format  Mobile and web
Publisher  Predecessors: Shahidul Islam
Editor in Chief  Shodesh Roy
Founded  2010
Key People    Shahidul Islam Sanjoy
Telephone 0960211164
Political Alignment Independent
Language  Bengali and English
Head Quarters   Rangs RL Square, Plot-B 201/1, 203, 205/3, Bir Uttam Rafiqul Islam Avenue, Dhaka-1213
The owner (s)  East West Media Group Ltd

We not only get information from the paper but it is a great source of knowledge. There are many sections in the office to run newspaper management and these are the computer section, reporter section, editors’ department, marketing section, advertisement section etc. The businessmen and the clients are benefited from the paper. The merchant promotes their goods or products by advertisement and the clients are also benefited as they find numerous info from the advertisement and can compare products or services seeing the advertisement. They have an in-house department to beautify the ad and present it very decently in the paper. In our life, we have to face many problems and we need lots of things to run a family and office management and info in the proper time needed to make a decision. The students need paper to find out the material to complete research work. After completion of study, they need to apply for a job opportunity and career scope are found in the paper and apply in due time is also necessary to go ahead. The students who are very

Much serious in reading and gathering data from paper becomes very talented and can win in their adult life. is always ready to serve the countrymen with accurate data and never compromise with any political party or any outstanding person in society.

Besides general knowledge, the paper also publishes various features such as lost and found, Tender notice, rules, and government regulations. We can very easily and comfortably know details by using our Android phones.

 In global life, it is somewhat impossible to run without paper and there are many dailies, weeklies paper which are not credible and reliable. So, to get all ethical, Reliable news from the paper, we can choose this as our first choice.

Many visitors are in unlike countries of the world and read this paper to find all breaking news, headline news.


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