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Risingbd Bangla online newspaper

Risingbd.com is an internet-based news portal in Bangladesh. It is always free to the public, and the strength of the paper is its trustworthiness. The advisor editor of this paper is Uday Hakim, and the editor is M M Kaisar. The publisher of this paper is S M Jahid Hasan. It is never biased by any party or by one to its interest to publish false or unethical news in society. They are very conscious of the relevant background information of any incident or accident. The paper’s primary focus is to inform, educate, and entertain the readers with its authentic information. It covers almost all kinds of news for its respected readers and maintains the journalist ethic in their reporting. They expose the national issue, international issues, regional matters, entertainment news, Media gossip, Science & Technology, Literature, etc.

Risingbd.com is a very powerful new portal in Bangladesh that plays an important role in the country’s context. In digital life. We are very much busy and find a little time to see and read printed newspapers every day and, in this regard, an online news portal is a way to see all the latest and updated news of Bangladesh and the world. The paper helps us in various ways because we cannot think even a single day without reading day paper.The paper is very useful in reporting the culture, traditions, arts, mutual dance, etc. It never bored us because it gives us all the happenings all around us. It is vital to start a day along with a cup of tea.The students benefit from reading papers because in school, college, or universities, learning is very in the syllabus and that it is confined knowledge. If you want to read more and more, you must study newspapers because newspaper learning’s knowledge is unlimited.

Risingbd.com at a glance

Type   Online newspaper
Format Mobile and web 
Advisor editor Uday Hakim
Acting Editor M M Kaisar
Publisher S M Jahid Hasan
Founded April 2013
Political Alignment Liberal
Language Bengali and English
Headquarters 198-199, Mazar Road, Mirpur-1, Dhaka 1218
The owner (s) Walton (company)
Emai [email protected]
Contact Number +8801678028136, +8801686690266
Website www.risingbd.com

Politicians are very crazy about reading papers because they find all political info from papers and online news portals like risingbd is committed to serving ethical news to the public. Some newspaper in Bangladesh that is very biased to the political party and this kind of paper is very harmful for the nation and civil society.

Risingbd.com also brings entertaining data and we are sometimes very interested in finding this kind of info from the paper. The news of movies, actors, actresses, and cineplex is published in this paper and never misses this favourite news.

In digital life, modern science has given us comfort and happiness in various ways because we find all sorts of data from shopping to all life-related issues from the online portal.

The reporters of this paper are scattered in different districts of the country and collect data and send it to the chief reporter and the editor of this paper to finalize the matter to publish the news for the readers. Science and technology are discovering many things every day and we find all info by reading a paper every day and every moment.

There are many online portals in the country, and walls are not reliable and credible and you can choose this risingbd.com as your info partner to find all sorts of news of Bangladesh and the whole universe. As it is an internet-based paper, we can easily get breaking news and headline news from the Android phone or our computer or laptop.

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