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Swadesh Pratidin Bangla Newspaper

Swadesh Pratidin is the fastest-growing Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh. The popular newspaper is published in Dhaka. The name of the editor of this paper is Rafiqul Islam Ratan and the publisher is Md Mujibur Rahman Chowdhury. The paper covers news for all levels of people in society. There are different features in the paper and the main features are National issues, Entertainment, Education, Gossiping, Health-related, regional news, Politics, Trade and commerce, International news, Current affairs etc. Some features are Mathe mundane (in a different field), Jol short (a story), Nagar Jibon (urban life), Shilpa banijjo ( trade and commerce), Priyo shodesh (dear own country) etc.

The paper brings out the news for the oppressed people in the society and as there are different features in this paper; its circulation is increasing very rapidly. Swadesh Pratidin is a powerful media in Bangladesh. There are also advertisement features in the paper. The paper influences society in various ways. This paper makes the people aware and influences the government and its policies. Bangladesh is a democratic country and this paper works as a bridge between the people of Bangladesh and the Government of Bangladesh. It is a voice against injustice. This newspaper serves the readers different entertainment news such as crosswords, fun facts, horoscope, comic strips, advice columns, food columns, celebrity gossip, and many more. They also keep us updated about what is happening in the world. This paper gives us small essential information that is very important for our daily lives, such as weather forecasts, literature reviews, films,fine arts, local restaurants, obituaries, birth notice etc.

Swadesh Pratidin at a glance

Type   Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet and online
Publisher Md Mujibur Rahman Chowdhury
Editor in Chief Rafiqul Islam Ratan
Founded 2011
Political Alignment Liberal
Language Bengali
Headquarters 10, Taher Tower Gulshan, Circle-2, Dhaka
Emai [email protected][email protected]
Website www.swadeshpratidin.com

The people looking for career opportunities can search in this paper, and people in business can find the market trend’s news from the popular newspaper. The management of this paper is very much conscious about publishing the verified information. They are never biased to someone else whether they are a very dominant and muscleman in society. There are some newspapers in Bangladesh that have different malpractice issues, but this paper always tries to bring out the actual news for its readers as they have a strong panel of journalists.

There are different forms of medium to give news but newspaper influence is much better than any other medium. The Swadesh Pratidin newspaper publishes two kinds of editions for their readers: printed newspapers and online editions. You can get all the updated and breaking news of national and international news from the online edition of this paper. There are many online unique visitors on this paper’s website outside the USA, UK, Australia, Middle East, Arab countries, and all over the world.

 You don’t need to waste your time looking at many newspapers or online portals. You click on the Swadesh Pratidin (e-paper) to get the breaking news, updated news of Bangladesh and the whole world from anywhere in the world.

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