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 The Daily Star is the famous and largest circulated English newspaper in Bangladesh. It was established in 1991 and its founder is Syed Mohammad Ali and focuses news on political and democracy-based. The motto of the daily Star is “Committed to peoples’ Right to know”. It attracts the reader by providing quality content. They are also committed to present the news in a style that is deep research, experience. There are different sections like News opinion, Editorial, Star Business, Star sports, Arts and entertainment. Its major supplements are The Star Forum, Lifestyle, Star Literature, Law and our Rights, Shouts, Star insights, and science and life. The circulation of the Daily Star is about 411500 copies daily and it has also an online edition. The headquarters of the newspaper is in Dhaka and the editor is Mahfuz Anam. 


The renowned paper publishes the following supplements weekly and for different purposes.

The Star : The Star magazine is published in every Friday.

Lifestyle: It is a tabloid and published in every Tuesday of the week.

Shout: Shout is a popular supplement for teenagers published in every week.

Daily Star Books: It is mainly a subsection that writes about essays, opinions, and interviews and is published every week.

Star Showbiz: A popular tabloid mainly focuses on local and international movies, music and TV.

Law and our right : It talks about legal issues, public rights and is published every Saturday.

Star Forum:  It is a monthly magazine of the Daily Star that Shah Hussain Imam edits.

Rising Stars: It is also a weekly tabloid for teenagers that focus on rising talented boys and girls.

Star Campus: This publication is for the students and university-based magazine. It is published every Sunday of a week.

 The management has planned to publish different magazines and tabloids for all classes of people in society.

 The Daily Star at a glance 

  Type  Daily Newspaper
  Founder  Syed Mohammad Ali
 Founded 1991
  Format   Broadsheet and online   
  EditorMahfuz Anam
Owner(s)  Transcom Group
 Political AlignmentLiberal
  Language  English
  Head Quarters      64–65, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka-1215  


The newspaper started its journey to establish a truly independent newspaper. It started its journey in a historical time with the fall of an autocratic regime and the country began a new era to sustain a democratic system of Government. The Daily Star tries to strengthen public opinion regarding how democratic norms should be effectively working. The paper maintains its uniqueness in its non-partisan position in the country and enjoys the freedom of any influence of political parties and vested groups. It stands in neutrality between good and evil, justice and injustice, right and wrong. The paper works with an objective without any fear or favor. They are committed to serving the people, especially the people of Bangladesh, and that’s why people like this paper, whether in power or in opposition. The paper primarily works about the rule of law, human rights, gender issues, national interests, press freedom, transparency, and accountability of the people and never compromise with the political power and no one doubts its fairness.


The Daily star always tries to maintain its social responsibility and commitment towards society. It ensures human rights, removes gender discrimination, and advocates the rule of law, press freedom, transparency and accountability to serve the nation by its norms and values. They not only publish running reports on these mentioned issues, but they carry special reports, human interests stories, features, articles, content written by its staff, professionals, and talents across the country and abroad. The paper plays a vital role in the different crisis moment of the country and organized round tables, seminar discussions on various national issues, and worked with civil society of Bangladesh.

The management of the paper runs following the policy composed in line and with its objects and values. The policymaker of this management takes a decision and besides the editorial board, the managing editor, news editors, and chief reporter also play an essential role in decision making. They organize regular in-house training programs for staff members, reporters, trainees, reporters, and sub-editors. The management hires experts from home and abroad and arranges in-house workshops to make them experts in journalism and improve writing aptitude. They also encourage their reporter to go in foreign to take intern from abroad to improve their journalist skill.

Their internet is mostly browsed by Bangladeshi nationals living abroad as it is the most trusted and authentic source of information.

There are thousands of journalist graduates in the country who firstly choose this paper, the respected media house in Bangladesh. They also encourage brilliant graduates to take their profession as journalists and advocate for humanity, law and order, strictly following journalist’s ethics and performing social responsibilities.


The paper has two editions and these are printed newspaper and online edition and millions of page views and visitors are in different countries and get the latest news f Bangladesh and the whole world. Therefore, wherever you are in the global, choose the Daily Star, a prominent paper to know all the breaking news of your motherland and the whole universe.

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